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Reduce. Reuse. Recycle

Ideally situated in Cookham, we provide green and cost-effective waste management services for all waste disposal and recycling requirements throughout Cookham and the surrounding areas.


We offer expert guidance on cost-effective waste management solutions for both business and domestic clients in the local area. With a strong landfill avoidance ethos, we are at hand to significantly increase recycling and recovery rates.

Waste Management is highly regulated. We're mindful of our responsibility to guide our clients through the maze of legislation to help ensure they are compliant, as well as making sure we handle all types of waste safely, whilst adopting environmental best practice.


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Our Ethics 

Our objectives with waste are always to minimise landfill, reduce a company's carbon footprint and minimise CO2 emissions.

The issue of ethical disposal lies at the heart of the waste management industry and is the social, moral and legal responsibility of any company that produces by-products that could be considered waste.

Companies can face huge financial penalties for failing to dispose of their waste correctly, and the directors of those companies can also face prosecution.

Cookham Waste & Recycling operate strict ethical standards for all companies that form our network so we can be sure that our clients responsibilities are being met. The EU Waste Framework Directive requires that all waste is “recovered or disposed of without endangering human health or causing harm to the environment and includes permitting, registration and inspection requirements”.

So whether your waste materials can be re-used, pulped or turned into energy bricks, you can be sure that our network will be operating with our environmental and your legal responsibilities in mind.


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