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Why is important to shred paper?

Here in the UK an alarming 100,000 householders become victims of Identity Fraud every year and millions of pounds is lost by UK Businesses by stolen information held on old paperwork that fall into the wrong hands. This is why it's so important that it is disposed of correctly and safely.

Shredding for Commercial, Business or Enterprise

If you are in the process of moving office or clearing out your archived 7 year old paperwork or are just having a de-clutter around the workplace and find yourself with too much paperwork for your office shredder to cope with, then we can help  alleviate the task of shredding it yourself and keep your company 100% safe & secure.

Shredding for Home

If you are in the process of moving house or downsizing, or you are just having a spring clean de-clutter and find yourself with too much paperwork for your home shredder to cope with, why not order some of our confidential waste bags and let us do the rest.


All the paper we shred is recycled and nothing goes to landfill. So our service is just as environmentally friendly as your business/home recycling collection – but much less risky. 

How does it work? 

Our sacks start at £3.50 inc VAT and can be collected from us in Cookham.  Each sack will hold plenty of paper!  We recommend that you keep each bag to a manageable weight of around 15 kg.  To help you work this weight out, based on normal 80gsm A4 paper, we estimate you can fill the sack with approximately 3000 sheets of paper, this is around 6 reams of 500 sheets. A ream of paper is approximately 2.5kg in weight. 


Once the bag is full, you simply need to attach the security seal and call us on 01628 337 337 and we’ll arrange for it to be collected, and by return will send you a certificate of destruction.


The cost starts at £8.50 per bag including VAT.

Discounts are available for businesses depending on frequency and volume.  

We also have available shredding CONSOLES - for pricing for these please call us with your requirements.


Our confidential waste sacks are made of woven polypropylene and are super strong:


  • 50 x 90cm high

  • Tough 10x10 weave 800 denier fabric

  • Sunlight Protection

  • Hemmed easy open mouth

  • Fold over & stitched bottom

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The unscrupulous amongst us will use anything to assume your identity so be very careful what you throw away in the bin.


  • Anything with your name on it

  • Anything with your address on it

  • Anything with an account number on it

  • Letters that may have personal or sensitive information enclosed that give somebody a background on you and your contacts

  • Bank statements

  • Any scraps of paper that have financial information written down

  • Any utility bill

  • Council Tax bills

  • Pension paperwork

  • Invoices

  • Quotes

  • Any correspondence that has an account number or customer number printed

  • If you’re a business, anything with your logo

  • Old letterhead and business cards

  • Old compliment slips

  • Reports and meeting minutes

  • Financial statements

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