Sustainable & Recycling-Led Waste Management

Cookham Waste & Recycling is a progressive waste management company that places its customers’ needs right at the heart of its business. We pride ourselves on exceptional service delivery with the objective of helping you waste less and recycle more.  Not only can we provide you with extremely competitive rates, we’re also committed to work collaboratively with you to identify cost savings and help you further reduce your operating costs.



Cookham Waste & Recycling offers a fully compliant service to collect and dispose of electrical and electronic waste (WEEE) that’s simple and reliable.


From commercial fridges and fridge freezers; office computers and laptops to commercial printers and photocopiers our professional team collect items, transport them directly to specialist disposal facilities and document all the supporting paperwork you need to confirm where goods have been taken to for recycling or disposal.

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Whether you’re a small or large business, you can rely on Cookham Waste & Recycling to collect waste and dispose of it in the right way. From pubs and offices to warehouses, shops and restaurants, we cater for all industries and organisations.

We are very sorry but at present, due to current restrictions, we cannot accept any food waste. If you are a shop, pub, restaurant, take away or hotel that produces food waste, we are unable to assist you on that particular bulk waste stream, however we are happy to work with you on your mixed waste and recycling requirements.

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If you are in the process of moving office or clearing out your archived 7 year old paperwork or are just having a de-clutter around the workplace and find yourself with too much paperwork for your office shredder to cope with, then we can help  alleviate the task of shredding it yourself and keep your company 100% safe & secure.

Discounts are available for businesses depending on frequency and volume.

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Wheelie bins are the most common type of waste management equipment you’ll use, and Cookham Waste & Recycling can provide you with bins for hire in various sizes. We can recommend collection solutions based on what you need on site and can supply everything from 240L wheelie bins to larger 660L and 1100L bins. 

Green Waste Recycling


Maximising the bio-degradable recyclable properties of garden or green waste, is a key focus for us at Cookham Waste & Recycling.  We ensure that as much garden waste as possible is turned into high quality compost for use in a range of applications such as agriculture and multi-purpose compost. We're committed to preventing organic waste from becoming landfill.

We offer a contracted green waste solution with bins for those that find the council system either doesn't work for them or just have much larger gardens to deal with. We can arrange ad hoc collections, collect ton bags and loose waste too.

Do's and Don'ts in regards to Green Waste:

  • NO soil, rocks, hardcore, plastic and wood.

  • Green waste is green - so plants, weeds, cuttings and pruning, small twigs and branches and grass. 

  • If you empty plant pots tap away as much soil as possible, no pots please

  • Bins must be able to be moved on hard ground - don't over fil

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Festivals, fetes, charity dos, sporting events, stage shows . . . special occasions like these create plenty of happy memories. But they can also create a lot of mess too, and keeping on top of this mess can be extremely tricky without the right organisation and committed experienced team at hand.

Our cost-effective and friendly event waste management services are kind to the planet. We segregate and sort waste then recycle wherever possible, keeping landfill to an absolute minimum.​



Each year in the UK alone, millions of printer inkjet cartridges are used and thrown in the bin. Ink cartridges are not only made of materials which take years to decompose but they can also contain hazardous chemicals, both these factors are damaging to the environment.

As part of our waste management services, we can provide specialised collections for waste ink and toner cartridges. This helps keep your business’ printing sustainable, as undamaged toners can be reused, and damaged cartridges being recycled.