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The Cookham Age Concern Charity Shop is really struggling to combat fly-tipping on their steps at the moment. Whilst retail stores are closed, there’s no one to receive and sort donations and despite lots of signage, people continue to dump their unwanted items outside.

Manager, Mandy asked for our help Cookham Waste took the truck along and collected the fly-tipped ‘donations’ which are now sadly off to be recycled as they are now deemed unsaleable from being left in the open. As a community, we can all do our bit to help by being mindful of where to donate until things open back up.

For broken or unsaleable items, we can collect even a bin bag from as little as £2 (up to 5 kilos) for Cookham Collections or provide one of our wheelie bins for you to fill. Call us if you’d like to book on 01628 337 337.

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